Android App Development

Android App Development

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Get the best professional for Android Development  .Today ,Ideators Technologies Powers a million of phones, tablets and other devices. The Primary Platform for developing an Android Application is  Android OS. We Achieved a Huge Milestone in Android Application Development by its extreme knowledge of Development.

Ideators Technologies  have Vigorous and qualified designers and developers giving top-notch and savvy mobile app development solution for clients over the globe. With an extensive variety of ability on distinctive mobile platforms, We have one goal to apply the best solution as per client’s demand at the proper time & our outstanding counseling services in mobile application development helps our clients to do astonishing things with mobile. With the latest technology & Innovative thoughts, we generally convey for client requirement.Whatever you need to do, whether you might want to push your business or all else our mobile app development services can help you with secure & willing results.


Developing Powerful and Flexible Apps on Android Platform requires Strong Technical Knowledge and extraordinary talent. Master Android Apps are build by using some of the basic tools and techniques like Linux Kernel, Daivik and SQL Lite Database. By applying these tools, apps developer and programmer teams can customize Android Application according to the needs and requirements

Rising Popularity of Google Android Apps Based Smartphones Android Application Development.Everyday nearly 500,000 Android Apps gets activated, this shows the popularity of Android OS in the Present Market and also it stayed ahead of iOS in the first quarter of 2011. The Powerful Features of Android OS like Security Options, easy availability on many Smartphone with different price tags, Flash Support and its open resources for developers; Administered by the ideators technologies.

Some typical characteristics of Android development are as under:

  • Low cost of development
  • Rapidly growing applications
  • Provides support for interactive media features
  • Linux core is responsible for stability of the Android apps
  • Vast, comprehensive library for graphics, media and other tools
  • Android SDK helps in formation of rich and unique app

Ideators Technologies – The Android Application Development Company possess a team of sufficient knowledge and good creativity, which makes them productive Android App Developer and programmer. Ideators Technologies furnish plenty of Android Apps Development Solutions to its clients globally which incorporate almost all the segments of Android development based on their requirements. Providing solution is not enough, we develop Android App right from the start. We make our team understand in different approach of Android OS, in order to provide you flawless Apps as the finished product.

We serve our clients in a wide range of sectors for various Android based services:

  • Develop Android applications
  • Android mobile development
  • Android games development
  • Android Wi-Fi/GPS development
  • Android web development
  • Android utility app development
  • Android business/eCommerce app development

As an IT Professional Outsourcing Company, we lead in Android App making and in providing Android Based Solution to each of our clients. We are handheld for the all-round development of the project from start to end. The following points make us lead above others:

  • Specialized team of experienced developers
  • Developing Android applications at an unbelievable price
  • Own the rights to your intellectual property
  • Secure development area with best infrastructure
  • On time delivery of projects
  • Client centric approach
  • Constant support from us 24*7

We provide app developer, android for hire to meet your business needs. Contact today to get in touch with us and know more about our professional android application development services.

Leading Mobile App Development Company In Mumbai

Today all types of business verticals are updating themselves with the latest ongoing technology trends. According to the statistical reports, the maximum and organic traffic are coming from the mobile applications. But, if you have a clear idea for the app development then we are here to help you with various mobility solutions.We have the technical skills and knowledge to develop the outstanding mobile app. Our ardent efforts make us the leading mobile app development company in Mumbai.

We provide the right solution for Android, Ios & web applications development services. Since its establishment in 2011, Ideators Technology has conveyed the best application development services to clients over the globe.We have created Ios, Android & web application for diverse commercials ventures, such as education, business, travel, land, finance sports, entertainment, health & fitness.

We follow these steps for application development:

– Define a clear goal

– Strategy and planning

– Wire frame creation of the app

– Designing

– Development

– Testing

– Market submission

– Promotion

Ideators Technologies has made the world realize the potential Mobility as an industry has. Due to its flexibility and open architecture it becomes easy for the android developers to achieve all possible results which could earlier be just imagined. Android as an operating system is a sophisticated platform that enormous number of users across the world. With Android platform people have started making simple application from their home which has given rise to the freelancer business. However at the same time quality is a big concern for professional companies who are looking to build simple yet innovative mobility platforms for themselves. With Ideators Technologies android application developer on Time & material basis companies can develop their strategic mobile applications with quality that is unbeaten . With Ideators Technologies as your technology partner for android resources you can be rest assured about the deliverables and latest Mobility development trends which our resources bring to your table. We thrive to bring success to your enterprise mobility programs . Our developers are dedicated professionals who will work exclusively on your project and ensure that your vision is achieved while ensuring that you can focus on your core business activities. Hire our android resources to see the difference that they bring to your enterprise mobility program. With our resources you will have following benefits :

Major Key Features 

1.Huge exposure towards android application development

2.Unbeaten knowledge on the subject and latest Android trends

3.Flexible pricing based on the resources you choose

4.Quality deliverables without compromising on security aspect

5.Quick turnaround of problems which you think is complex