Dedicated Offshore Development

Dedicated Offshore Development

IDeators Technologies is an outsourced product development company. IDeators Technologies brings off shoring to your doorstep. Our competencies lie in setting up dedicated offshore software development teams for outsourced product development, web development, mobile development and software maintenance.

Our job is to speed up your pace, support your team with our application development experts and help you hit your milestones and get the job done. From start up strategy to rock solid development, we’re with you from start to finish.

We bring success to our partners, continuously contribute towards their goals and values and deliver results through innovation.

Offshore development centre –

We can assist to setup a complete offshore development center for you/your project. Dedicated resources, team, infrastructure, etc. to make sure your development happens smoothly and continuously at low costs. We can give LIVE video feed and Skype access for complete transparency and monitoring.

Technologies we can provide for your offshore development / outsourcing project / IT outsourcing –

Microsoft .NET







Ruby on Rails



Industries we serve Banking and Finance, Ecommerce, Education and learning, Government, Healthcare, Hospitality, Insurance, IT, Manufacturing, Media, News, Retail, Startups and Telecom.


IDeators Technologies  offshore development services use open source development because it is more secure since bugs and vulnerabilities are fixed often. This offers better quality, more secured and less prone to bugs.


We believe in software that fulfils the client requirements. We use pre-developed frameworks in offshore software development services that can be deployed easily.

Cost ownership:

IDeators Technologies  offshore development services are easy to update & upgrade and save huge technologies costs. Cost optimization can ultimately scale as your business grows.

Offshore Web / Apps Development Company in Mumbai

IDeators Technologies  offshore model is used for multiple things not only offshore software or offshore web development. The most reason is that an individual in India or any other developing country will price significantly less when compared to America, United Kingdom or Australia for example to name a few Western countries. Our services help you can really save yourself time, money, hour headaches and other operational expenses. We are experienced, expertise and technical skills to accomplish what you need whether that may be a simple website or even a run a fully operating client service centre.

Our propositions:

Extensive experience in the field of website development, design and sustenance.

Solutions which put your business interests in the forefront.

Seamless communication to work like an extension of your office and not a separate entity.

Credentials that are evidently international with prices that are integrally Indian.

Complete transparency. Information about projects available round the clock. Hence, no matter which part of the world you belong to, you will get your information when you desire.

Handle all kinds of services like web development, data processing, testing and debugging as well as research and development requirements.

Experienced team which has handled many types of development projects in the past.

IDeators Technologies Offshore Outsourcing Services in Mumbai and Thane

An offshore development centre (ODC) is very crucial and helpful to clients. Indisputably, when you set up an Offshore Development Center in Navi Mumbai with us, you receive varied benefits like high return on investment and highest quality of output. It also allows you to focus on your core competencies. Another reason for selecting IDeators as an offshore software development centre is large pool of English speaking technical people for efficient and flawless communication.