Zend Development Services

Zend Development Services

Customization & Installation

Around the world , from last couple of years Zend Framework has not only evolved but also took the top space amongst favorite frameworks. It is regarded as one of the best MVCs in market.

We at Ideators Technology, are advance team of expertise in Zend framework. We have expertise with experience of 3-4 years in Architecture design and site building using zend optimizer and zend guard. We believe in providing a cost effective and future enhancing solution to our clients. We believe in long term relationship and work as our first priority.Zend framework is our forte owing to our vast experience, we provide solution to according to client needs.

Significance Of Our Zend Framework Services

We use ZF features to enhance your business visibility by making a SEO friendly and meaningful URL.We provide a clean, simple and understandable code by separating data base and business logic from layer presentation with zend’s MVC architecture.Our developers use ZF, open source framework and speed up the coding process with readability, versatility, and quality maintenance.

Our team expertise use cryptographic and secure coding tools.

We follow modular approach of ZF and build blocks which could be used in future as fragments with other framework or the applications.We are meant for providing high performance yet fast, reliable and scalable development services.

We have a demonstrated record of success in running enterprise or any business critical and high-usage applications.We provide innovative web 2.0/3.0 application development, social network app development with incredible customization.We give futuristic solutions for your small, medium or big sized business with Zend Framework.

We are expertise in providing high performing PHP applications using Zend Framework. We deliver easy to use, high quality, affordable, and end-to -end customized zend web development services for your business goals.

Zend Enterprise Web Applications

Our expert Zend developers provide comprehensive, robust and highly scalable Zend solutions for your Enterprises. We maintain transparency and high level of performance for complex or advanced enterprise applications.

Rich Internet Applications (RIA)

Web 2.0, being the future of web application development, our zend experts build Rich Internet Application with PHP. We deploy the application and make its running easier which was never ever before.

Zend Website Upgradation and Migration

We migrate your existing Zend website developed by ZF-1 to the latest version Zend Framework 2 and keep your website updated and free from bugs and errors for smooth running and functionality.

Zend Maintenance & Support services

Our Zend maintenance and support services ease you to concentrate on business for our Zend experts keep track of bug fixes, security patches and maintenance releases that may impact your PHP applications. We render 24 hours professional support.

Custom Zend Development

The Zend Framework enable us to develop high-end, secure, and affordable solutions and thus we provide smart CMS, e-commerce and customized application development solution. We customize and meet the needs as per your business value and strategy.

Zend Developer India

iDeators Mantra’ s Zend Developers India are proficient in this domain. It is with their experience of years that their expertise has made a mark. Ideators’ s Zend developers are vigorous and thoroughly qualified with PHP’ s Zend Framework. Their competency and proficiency lie in assembling practical Zend based PHP Applications. We are a well known one stop solution for the last 10+ years in the industry. Ideators  is brimful with exceedingly adept programmers.

Zend Development Company India

Ideators Technology , Zend development company in India; its competency is based on gigantic experience in numerous PHP programming applications. We evaluate and build up high class resolution as per our client’ s requirements. Take utmost benefit of our coding expertise and additional services of our Zend framework segment. We cater our Zend services to young as well as to biggies. We are to stay and to cater all. OM team imparts exceptional Zend services of Customization to our client. We are here for enduring.

Hire Dedicated PHP Zend Framework Developer in Mumbai, India

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Ideators is an offshore PHP Zend development company based in Mumbai, India. We have extensive experience in developing PHP Zend Framework based development as per the client requirements. You may Hire Dedicated PHP Zend Developers/ PHP Zend Programmers for your project requirements and we shall deliver you best quality solutions in pre agreed time frame.

We have team of experienced PHP Zend Developers / PHP Zend Programmers who have worked and successfully delivered PHP Zend Projects. We are capable of integrating third party APIs such as payment gateway, SMS, Email and many other commonly used APIs as per the client demands.

We offer below services in Zend Framework:

  • Zend framework based Customization
  • Zend framework based Solutions
  • Zend framework based Product Development
  • Zend framework based Support
  • Zend framework based Implementation
  • Zend framework based Programmer
  • Hire Zend framework based dedicated team

Outsourcing PHP Zend Software Development Process –

We start the project by gathering client requirements, conducting business analysis and creating a feature list. Based on the feature list we calculate the resource and cost estimate. We then sign outsourcing contract with client and the project kick-off. An experienced project manager heads a team of skilled software developers to work on client project.

Stage 1:  Requirements Gathering, Definition & Specification

We gather all the necessary information to define the PHP project scope, including information on existing sites, process specifications, onsite analysis, end-user interviews, market research and competitor analysis. We carry out requirements analysis, including application goals and objectives. We create project scope document and a detailed feature list. Development of technical recommendations and high-level requirement specification is carried out in this stage too.

Stage 2: Requirements Analysis

A detailed analysis is carried out from the information gathered in stage 1.We analyse and create a Software Requirement Specification (SRS) document.Use Case Specification and Diagram are created along with Use Case Model generation. This is followed by designing of business rules and flow diagrams.We then validate the scope and estimates against the contract, including any revisions as necessary.

Stage 3: Design

We prepare a detailed design document which includes complete definition of the application flow as well as the functional process flow. The content contains mainly  System Architecture, Class Diagram, Flow Diagram/Sequence Diagram, User Interface Design, ERD – Database Diagram, Implementation Model and Test Plan.At the end of this stage, clients will get a fully functioning HTML user interface to experience the application flow. Once client approves it, next stage of development will commence

Stage 4: Development

In this stage, software code is developed as per design requirements, test cases and with appropriate inline commenting. Completion of each module is followed by preparation of test cases and unit level testing. Reviews are also completed to ensure that the developed code adheres to the organizational guidelines for coding. Steps involved in this stage are – Development of code base as per design models, application is tested according to the test cases and test plan, All processes are documented, Use Case test results are created, Code reviews are conducted

Stage 5: Testing & QA

The test plan defines the types of tests to be performed, as well as resources, tools and responsibilities for test-related activities. Based on that plan, the various levels of testing are performed as listed below:Unit Testing: Developers carry out the tests for the code developed. Thus they are responsible for the quality of the module they are developing

Functional Testing: It involves generating test cases that are populated with data and supplied to the QA team for evaluation

Integrated and System Testing: In this ste the entire application is deployed on the test servers and various aspects of the application, such as the platform support, browser support, etc., are tested. Automated stress testing tools are utilized.

User Acceptance Testing (UAT): Tests conducted by client upon successful completion of all above testing

Stage 6: Deployment

The application is deployed on on client premises or hosted server. Archived Software Artifacts created and client handover initiated. As appropriate for project requirements Remote Access Software is installed. Transition of application to the maintenance team.

Stage 7: Maintenance and Enhancement

The application is monitored closely post deployment for a period defined by the contract. Any post-launch issues that arise will be addressed in an expedited manner. Appropriate help desk systems are deployed to support the end user issues. Enhancement requests raised by client are worked upon as per the terms in the contract. A fully integrated defect-tracking solution is deployed to enable users to input and track new defects and enhancement requests. It offers clear, updated information about the status of each defect, full control over the workflow and history of work completed on each defect or enhancement

To deliver projects on time and on budget, project managers communicate on regular basis with all members of the project team and the client. Weekly status reports are created to ensure that everyone is on the same page, which also facilitate the team to analyze the progress.

Our clients may choose to hire PHP Programmer on Hourly/ Weekly/ Monthly or Half Yearly basis as per client requirements. We offer conductive and friendly environment for our team of dedicated PHP developers. Our PHP Developers in India office ensure that you get a complete end to end PHP Application Development services.

Hire PHP Programmers/ Hire Dedicated PHP Developers for your web application from Ideators gives you advantage of hiring best talents and cost effective price. Our team of PHP developers have delivered many web application developments such as –

Social Networking Portals

  • Job Board Portals
  • Real Estate Portals
  • Content management System (CMS) Development
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Development.
  • Zend Usefull Links
  • Zend Website
  • Zend Documentation
  • Resource Extension Directory
  • Zend Community Forums
  • Zend Download