How To Build a Customer Support with Help of Chat Bot and Machine Learning Using API.AI

How To Build a Customer Support with Help of Chat Bot and Machine Learning Using API.AI

It is always a great advantage to many businesses and organizations to provide their customers with effective support. This way their customers and clients can build a trust knowing that they have something to depend on. Thus, whenever your customers need great amount of assistance, you have an outstanding support to offer.

So, this is the best time for you to take advantage of building a customer support. You can achieve this by means of machine learning and chat bot development that use Google’s API.AI. There are lots of advantages you can experience with this kind of development and you can pass this to your customers. Remember, when customers know that they are provided with great support, they will likely take advantage of your offerings.

Here, you will be able to learn simple ways on how you are going to build a customer support while utilizing Google’s API.AI and applying it to artificial intelligence development and machine learning development.

Formatting the Chat Bot Responses Output in API.AI

With API.AI, you can directly load the answers and then implement a particular action. It is important to include a markup in order to prevent the loss of response from the client’s call. Also, you need to use a code for basic post processing so that you can replace the markup occurrences with regards to genuine line break.

Bot Human Handoff Implementation

With the help of the agent for customer support which will act as the primary level support, you will be able to easily escalate questions with different scenarios. This will also include the situation to where the user request to talk to the real person.

You will be provided with support channel characterized with group chat. This simply means that the key it has will help in making the bot remain quiet from the time that the human agent take the conversation.

Managing Sentences with Different Intents

Opening greetings, feature questions and closing thank you are the common intents. Different sentences can actually lead to mismatching of intents. To solve the problem, developers implemented a basic pre-processing of particular text that will be sent to API.AI in order to recognize the stop tokens. Also, this will help in splitting the sentence from the multiple calls.

Implementing Chat Bot to Handle Different Languages

In order to make possible the implementation of chat bot to multiple languages, there is a need to use multiple agents. Each agent is well-trained for specific language. Also, there are times that you can depend on the existing contexts. And, these have to be shared between different languages.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning development that utilize Google’s API.AI can greatly help you when it comes to customer support. This way, you are confident enough that you can provide your customers with the right assistance and solutions.

iDeators Technologies can help you achieve the leveraged customer support with the help of chat bot and machine learning development. So, you get no worry with regards to efficient customer support.


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