Our Team

iDeators Technologies Team:

We’re a team of design & programming folks with deep expertise in building Android, iOS & Angular development encompassing web, mobile & desktop platforms

Kishor Naik
Co-Founder & CTO

…Backed by over 12 years of extensive software development expertise, Kishor keeps abreast of the latest software tech-trends.

Bhushan Pawar
Co-Founder & CEO

…He is strategic thinker. Being a multitudinous management expert with over 10 years of experience in handling cutting-edge IT & supply chain business

Koste Budinoski
COO & Project Head, Europe

…. His area of responsibility encompasses everything related to local IT & Technology delivery within Europe.

Navnath Memane

…an iOS Expert

Vipul Singh
Project Lead

…He is an Angular expert.

Rohan Surve
Project Lead Android

…. Android expert with 5 years of experience in I.T. sector (Android Development).

Akshay Khandekar
Android App Developer
Moheel Chavan
Android App Developer
Narayan Palande
iOS App Developer
Yash Jadhav
iOS App Developer
Sushant Kharat
Asp.Net Application Developer
Rahul Vete
Asp.Net Application Developer
Phulaji Bhoir
Web Application Developer
Lalit Kubal
Web Application Developer
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