Sentiment Analysis for Social Media

Sentiment Analysis for Social Media

We are all sophisticated in understanding some other complex between some other things in the world. We are all aware that computers and modern technology continue to invade this planet. The today’s trend is more on social media and other networking sites. With the help of our awareness and the eagerness to machine learning, life is getting better.

Emails, tweets, Facebook updates are greatly resulting in a new kind of analytics and this is what we called as the sentiment analysis. But, what is meant by sentiment analysis? Sentiment analysis is the process of determining the attitude of a particular group or an individual about a certain topic and the context. It is a judgment, a text, a video, audio data or maybe an evaluation. It all depends on the person itself. Sentiment analysis is used by many to determine a certain goal. There are many software tools out there that can help you to determine the sentiment of your product or service. Each of the social media platforms chooses its own sentiment software to easily determine the positive from the negative tweets and comments on these social media sites. Just like in twitter, it has its twitter analysis which helps them to know the opinions of their millions of users. The social media sentiment helps you to also know the feelings of the user towards the social media post.

Social Media Sentiment’s Significance

Social media marketers benefit from the facts as well as information they get from their audience. Being aware of the audience’s opinion and reactions will help you to plan for more effective strategies for your next campaign. For example, if you notice that your social media post about your brand is somehow negative, then you are able to analyze the reactions of the audiences are negative towards your product. Sentiment analysis also helps your brand to conduct a simple research before launching your new campaigns or your new product again.

This also supports customer service. It is also important to be flexible tuned-in with your audience’s feelings towards your brand. This will give the chance to turn a bad customer into a loyal, potential and a valued one. Sentiment analysis is also important most especially in monitoring the keywords in a Press Release. It will also help to generate more leads with the brand and PR professionals are able to determine whether which of these conversations are turning negative towards their brand.

Beyond Text Analytics

In most call center companies, they also use audio sentiment analysis to measure the stress level of their caller. This helps the call center agent to determine the mood of the caller and to avoid any escalation. Making use of various sounds such as signing are indicators of frustration. Sentiment Analysis is not totally accurate. This still needs a caring individual to keep an eye on it and to ensure that the human speech and being understood by the computer.

Experts predict that sooner, Sentiment Analysis will not just about the simple positive and negative. It will move and improve to determine human emotions. People and organizations will become more comfortable and they will begin to enjoy the idea of Sentiment analysis.

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