Is Social Sentiment Analysis Right for your Brand

Is Social Sentiment Analysis Right for your Brand?

People will oftentimes go straight to social media to share their views regarding your product, brand or services, and one of the most typical questions your clients will ask when choosing the Sentiment social customer service and monitoring tool is how sentiment analysis can help their brand accomplish its business goals.

Introducing Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment has always presented sentiment analysis in the core functionality of the system within 8 languages. This applies Natural Language Processing language and number of complicated rules-based algorithms to allocate either a negative, positive or a neutral sentiment to every mention about a search topic or brand included in the system. This consists of algorithms to deal with double negatives in a certain comment.

How will it benefit your company?

  • Through engaging with sentimental analysis, you’re able to benchmark your performance from your competitors and determine shifts in sentiment over the time
  • You can join in the positive or negative conversation with the use of built-in engagement platform.
  • You can quickly determine positive talking points around the brand to measure, evaluate and inform the digital strategy. You can determine negative conversation threads as well as emerging threats to reputation.
  • Available 24/7, sentiment analysis enables you to determine the tonality of the issues, trends, key conversations, surrounding the business in real time.


Sentiment analysis guides you complete the market research through getting to know what opinions of your customer are about your services/products at the same time how you can align the services/products’ quality and features with their preferences.

Your services and products are judged not just by how it conducts functionality but how nicely it’s presented in the forms as well. For instance, irresistible promotions, beautiful package design, reasonable pricing and stunning store decoration.


Continuous monitoring of what is happening in the social media conversations helps you to avoid or at least mitigate the loss of online communication crisis. Further, the crisis might root from the bad quality of your product, unacceptable customer service or serious social concerns like animal cruelty, environmental harm, or child labor usage in the emerging markets. Therefore, if you do not manage customer complaints right away, the conversation could go viral and result in a big crisis, which you might not be able to cope up.


The majority of companies are active in social media and utilize public forum to support their brands and services. However, ask yourself, how can you know if you’re going the right stuff in social media? Are you casually posting promotions or do you have any strategic plans, which you follow? From a managerial point of view, social media isn’t only a platform where you can promote and post your services. It’s a place where your clients talk about your brand and are equipped with information about how your brand is being perceived by your customers.

Now, if you are ready to have your own sentiment analysis in place, why not try our service to see for yourself if there are any changes in the result. After all, it will never hurt you if you try.

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